Experience, expertise, and customer partnership in providing on-point solutions to public and private organizations for over 20 years....


J MATHEWS LLC was founded in Houston, Texas in 2012.  Our founder, Janet Mathews, has over 30 years experience in providing Technology, Executive IT Consulting, Business Solutions, Staff Augmentation and Contract Services to local, regional and state government agencies, their prime contractors, and private sector/commercial clients.

Our aggressive approach and strong commitment to clients has earned us a reputation as a leader in our industry. Our commitment to professional development has attracted a highly qualified and dedicated staff (all of which are degreed professionals), recognized for their knowledge, skills and abilities.

We have consistently demonstrated success as a trusted advisor to clients in the State of Texas. We are experienced in helping customers with Staff Augmentation and IT Consulting services. We clearly understand the client’s environment (e.g., functional and technical requirements), and maintain continuous communications with the project team and deliver solutions to our clients on time and within budget. Our history with public sector and private corporations is unique to the industry and spans three decades. Our early experience stems from managing and implementing small, but critically important, projects for the space exploration and space transportation industry for NASA. Since then we’ve transferred the same dedication to customer service, exceeding customer expectations and delivering more than just enough to satisfy the contract.

In many instances, we continue to support long-term business relationships in highly technical environments, including technical support and staffing, with the City of Houston, the Houston Police Department, the Texas Department of Transportation, Houston Independent School District and Harris County.

Our Mission

Provide the knowledge, experience and commitment required to solve information technology and business process problems for state and local government organizations by focusing on long-term alliances with our customers through the use of global industry best practices and proprietary methodologies.


Our Values

Excellence Through Teamwork, Empowerment and Learning

Working As A Team

In any environment each individual can bring a unique perspective. At J MATHEWS LLC we work in teams which are truly empowered to control their success. J MATHEWS LLC organizational structure is very flat leading to wide teams which encompass many diverse skill sets and experience levels in order to deliver truly diverse . In addition to Branch teams J MATHEWS LLC also fosters the team atmosphere on a company wide level through company events, our monthly employee newsletter, our Technical Knowledgebase, and our corporate collaboration & communications system.


Our entire organizational structure is based around employee empowerment. Wherever possible metrics are instituted and employees are managed by result. This means total empowerment to control your success. Each Branch in our organization is fully empowered to make decisions regarding budget, staffing, pricing, clients and projects. This allows for a lean management organization with responsibility spread throughout the organization.



All J MATHEWS LLC employees are encouraged to think "Outside of the Box" for both their clients and for J MATHEWS LLC. We fundamentally believe that in order to achieve Excellence in everything we do we must learn from our success as well as mistakes. A mistake and a success is viewed as a learning opportunity. The key is to apply the gained knowledge to improve our abilities. If we do this successfully every success and mistake is turned into a step closer to Excellence.


Personal Integrity - Zero Tolerance Approach
Every employee of J MATHEWS LLC is expected to be honest and do the right thing every day. There are no exceptions to this. We believe that this is of paramount importance in preserving the culture and reputation of J MATHEWS LLC. For this reason, we have Zero Tolerance for individuals who exhibit lack of integrity.

Professional Integrity - Part of your Empowerment

Each J MATHEWS LLC consultant is completely empowered to make recommendations to our clients. As an organization J MATHEWS LLC does not endorse or represent any vendors, suppliers or products. We believe that each consultant should thoroughly look at all options available in each situation and give each client a range of options. This approach is fundamental to developing Partnerships with our clients.






Janet Mathews

President & CEO



Limas Jefferson

Vice President,

Business Development & Marketing